Recent Talks

A more complete list can be found on my CV, here

  • Emory University Distinguished Lecture "Toward Human-Centered Machine Learning" (abstract) 12/19
  • China HCI Symposium:  “Human-Centered Machine Learning” – 10/19
  • Heidelberg Laureate Forum:  “The Future of Scientific Publishing" (plenary panel) – 9/19
  • First ImpactRS Workshop (at RecSys 2019):  “Recommending for Impact:  Intentions, Algorithms, Metrics” (slides) – 9/19
  • CHI Lites 2019 "What makes a good recommendation?" 5/2019
  • University of British Columbia "Recommender Systems: Beyond Machine Learning" 10/18
  • Jheronimus Academy of Data Sciecne "Recommender Systems: Beyond Machine Learning" 5/18
  • Huawei STC "Recommender Systems: Beyond Machine Learning" 5/18
  • UMN TRIO Program Upward Bound (introducing public school students to computer science) 2/18
  • Hong Kong Baptist University "Recommender Systems: Beyond Machine Learning" 1/18
  • Barlow Research First Friday Webcast "Artificial Intelligence and Banking" 1/18