Most of my work is part of the GroupLens Research Group.  That work includes work on recommender systems, eliciting participation in online community, and general questions related to social computing. 

1. I am working on studies of organizational bulk email (from companies to their own employees) to assess its effectiveness and cost, and to look at how tools for personalization, targeting, and prediction can improve these systems. [Learning to Ignore: A Case Study of Organization-Wide Bulk Email Effectiveness. R. Kong, H. Zhu. J. Konstan, CSCW 2021.]

2. I am working to design (and hope to build) a research infrastructure for the RS community. Our goal is a live community of news readers open to participating in controlled experiments. [NSF Award # CNS-2016397: CCRI: Planning: RecommendNews: Community Research Infrastructure for Online Field Experiments, 2020-2022]

Other Activites

  • Working with the RWJF-funded Interdisciplinary Research Leaders program to help train the next generation of diverse and interdisciplinary health research leaders. 
  • Working on several health projects (with UMN School of Nursing and HealthPartners) to design and evaluate mobile health applications.